Welcome to the IFCA Advanced Computing Group - Support Helpdesk

Should you require further assistance when using the available resources of the Advanced Computing group, please follow the guidelines stated below.
Try to attach as much information as possible that may be useful to try to solve the problem, but also try to be concise.

How to get support

  1. Check the Datacenter FAQ to see if there is an answer for your question (IFCA documents section).
  2. Check if there is no downtime scheduled (IFCA monitoring section).
  3. Check the open tickets, to see if the problem was already reported.
  4. If all the steps above did not bring any success, then proceed to open a ticket. Provide as much information as possible about your problem:
           • Date and time of the problem, Where did you have that problem, Kind of problem (storage, execution, libraries, grid, etc.), Is this the first time this error appears?, Task that you were doing, What software were you using?, Any output that can be useful for us, ...

How to open a new incidence ticket

  1. Proceed to the Ticketing System.
  2. Log in with your SSO account.
           • If you do not have such an account or you have any troubles accessing the system, please send an email to computing.support@ifca.unican.es
  3. Open the ticket in the General queue. If you are really sure that your ticket may be opened in another queue, then you can open it there.

HELPDESK - Advanced Computing group @ IFCA

IFCA documents

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    • Cluster usage guide
    • Cloud usage guide
    • Altamira usage guide

IFCA monitoring

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    • GOCDB

External documentation

    • How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Grid Engine

    • MAN pages

Cloud (OpenStack)

    • User Guide
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    • Learn about OpenStack